Best Weft/weave Vietnamese hair factory price

What is machine weft hair?

Weft hair or wefted hair for long becomes the most important usage factor in the hair industry nowaday. The hair is sewn or we call it “wefted” into the bundle of extensions. Bulk or raw hair would be used as the material for the weft, sewing stitched in the root of individual hair strand will be kept permanently to each other for long and avoid any shedding happens.

Vietnamese weft hair with all style (straight, curly, wavy…)

Machine weft hair and hand-tied weft hair

Machine weft hair refers to the weft which is made with the machine therefore the line or the sew would last for longer and it would be very uniformity and firm. While the hand-tied is sewn manually then the speed is much lower but the hair would be taken care to each and every strand, avoid the shedding of the hair the most. In addition, the weft line will be thinner to the machine weft hair.

Machine weft hair and the headache of shedding

For resellers, salons and hair end users, the shedding of the hair is nightmare indeed. Each and everyday, strand by strand, line by line keep on loosing from the weft or from the head. This could be control by careful hand-tied weft but the production speed would be impacted much. Thank to the new skill and technology, the machine weft hair now is improved much compared to last decade, hence, the shedding no longer is the worries of the hair supplier and buyers.

Strongest bond of weft, no tangle, no shedding

The stitching line of weft hair

The stitching line color of the weft has to be matched with hair color. In HairVN, we are proud to be one of the first hair manufacturer to apply and develop the code system not only the the hair but also for the stitching line.

Different hair color – Different stitching line

Best weft hair made from Vietnamese hair

Do you know the Vietnamese weft hair gradually becomes the hottest hair in the market. Due to the hair search, “Machine weft hair” and “Vietnamese weft hair” are in the top search trending from the buyer. This could be explained by the beauty and strength of Vietnamese hair mixed with the best weft made by skillful labor as well as high class equipment from us.

Your trustable vendor for weft hair online shop

            High skill labor and most advance machine

For more than 2 decades, has kept on developing the quality of the hair and the weft to ensure best quality product to our dearest customers. Each labor before starting to make her first weft must overcome the demo work and final test on different hair stuff and learn carefully how to make weft suitably to final ouput of straight hair, light wavy and curly hair to the deep and kinky curly hair. All machines in our hair factory is imported directly from Shenzhen and Germany under the most helpful guideline from manufacturer.

High skillful labor and best machine

            Testing system

All weft hair from HairVN goes through out all steps from selecting and classifying the raw hair to make weft, cut the top carefully and equally to make sure there will be no shedding at all caused to the weft, picking up the stitch line. During the sewing wefted hair, the team leader always check to make sure all hair must be matched with our standard and exactly look like the sample which confirmed by customers.

Check the weft carefully and put the name tag for customizing customers

Test order before making big order

We encourage all customers make a test order before do the real, big purchase. We wanna let customers to understand clearly all our hair categories and types, the price and how good we serving before. With us, building the trust and making customer satisfied is much more important than making money. We can be rich only when our customers be rich.

Sample packing everyday from HairVN to worldwide

 24/7 Support

Any help or question about Vietnamese machine weft hair, hand-tied weft hair, how to order, booking system, purchase or shipment, please feel free to contact us – the most advance supporting team always be available for you. Please save the website address and the hotline to connect anytime you have question.

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