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What is Vietnamese single drawn hair and  why is it cheap

Single drawn and double drawn are popular terms used in hair sector to distinguish from other hair type, the ratio of hair brands inside each bundle of raw/bulk hair or hair extension. Vietnamese single drawn hair is handly collected from many healthy donor of Vietnamese women. This hair type is the cheapest in our category.  As a result, this post will make you have clearly overview, details as below:

Vietnamese single drawn hair from HairVN

The single drawn hair and how to make it

As we mentioned above, Vietnamese single drawn hair is collected from many women in the country by our collector team. Next, we assembly in our factory to primary treat. From the virgin bulk hair, the high skill workers will remove the weak hair, cracked or split hair, then they make an addition process.

Each final single drawn bundle needs to be reached the suitable ratio between short hair and main long hair. Ordinarily,  a standard bundle of single drawn contains around from 50% to 60% full length hairs, from 40% to 50% varied hair.

A stage of making Vietnamese single drawn hair

The last stage is cleaned process. The hair will be washed with natural herbal ingredients shampoo to be more smooth, silk and no tangle. The natural components is the same as conditioners that can keep the moisture. It makes the hair stronger and not cracked. Whenever the customers’ order, the source of single drawn is always available in stock.

Compare to other hair types

Because of the thickness is different from tip to top, the thickest in the hair root, thinner in the middle and the most sparse in the end. Thus, with a same weight (100 gram each bundle), we need large volume of hair.

Compared with other hair type, the single drawn hair is easier to collect with a large amount. It also requires the primary process clean and classify without treat by any kind of chemical, so the price of hair will be cheap.

The quality of single drawn exactly match with other type

All hair types of Vietnamese hair also have the good quality. They are 100% human hair, no nits, no lice. The tested quality is completely the same with other type. Details, it can be treat as your live hair, straighten, curl. The grey for single drawn has good ability of dying color, max is #8 (the favorite color for loyal fan).

Why single drawn is the best choice in terms of economics

If you are retailers, wholesalers or factories, single drawn hair will be the beloved choice. You can continue another process or directly sell to clients who has fine hair and wants natural hair end.

Vietnamese single drawn hair from HairVN

Same quality and best price

The quality of Vietnamese single drawn is complete match other types. HairVN is the prestige address for you to order a large amount only at the FACTORY PRICE LEVEL.

As the same quality and cheaper price, the diversity of single drawn hair (straight, curly, wavy, etc), this is profitable investment for your own business.

Easy to resell with attractive cheap price

In the other side, the different thickness in one bundles is not the disadvantage. You can own hair extension with natural hair end, suit for your clients with fine hair. If your clients want to change their hair style, you can offer a hot trend ombre, bob cut to satisfy them well. The short hairstyle can bring both young, active appearance, no waste money compared with using double drawn.

Suggestion for best address to buy Vietnamese single drawn hair

Internet is global market where you can find anything you want. You also can find us fast.We have a trade website with friendly display, all hair type post on showcase for you visit and buy easily.

Office of HairVN

The showroom in Thailand and the large factory in Vietnam are always open to serve customers come to visit and test the quality of sample hair.

Single drawn hair from the leading manufacturer

We can provide a big quantity of hair type, supply capacity guaranteed at 1 ton/month. The quality of hair always is 100% human hair, unprocessed. We also has the fumigation certificate from international customs.

Good service customers

Our sale staffs are always enthusiasm and conscientious, willing to serve you 24/7, quick reply, be flexible.Whenever you interest in our hair, let us know and give an opportunity, you will get the satisfation.

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