Full hair – Same length Hair – No short hair

Full Hair and it features

Like single drawn or super double drawn hair, full hair (same length) is term used commonly to refer to the hair WITHOUT any short hair inside the bundle. The Full Hair is exactly clear that What you get is what you pay. There will be no short hair inside the bundle. The hair is No short, no shedding, no tangle, no lice, no nits or any problem. Perfectly silky, smooth, remy in the best condition of the hair.

The best quality of fullest hair from HairVN

The outstanding characteristic of full length compared to other hair type

Other hair type include main long hair and short hair, but the full hair is not. Full hair, also called same length because of no short hair, the same thickness from tip to top. There is another name of full hair – square hair (popular nick name for all professional person in this hair industry)

Along with super double drawn hair, full hair is the hottest order of this year. All clients want to own a beautiful and attractive hair so the demand for this hair type increase significantly recently.

Full hair and confident appearance

If you are a big salon, we sure that many your clients come to you and order a new style with a head of full hair. That situation which hair type you suggest for them? Fullest type – the best choice for thin girl. The young women like to apply the substance hair extension such as fullest tip-in hair, while others like to convenient types (full weft hair or clip-in hair). After wearing, they will appear with lovely and attractive beauty in special occasion.

Raw full hair type in HairVN

Restyle still saving money

Decide to own a full hair extension is not easy decision of all women, they often worry about have old and classical style. It’s not big problem when you come to HairVN. We assured to provide the best quality of hair with 100% Vietnamese human hair and Cambodian hair. The essense is always silk, smooth and strong structure. You don’t need to headache of shedding or tangle.

Moreover, you can renew and restyle anytime you want. You freely treat as your real hair, straighten, curl hair, or even you bleach and dye into new color.

Full hair the best quality at wholesale price from HairVN

The honest supplier of full hair for shopping online

The long experience in sector

With more than 20 years of bulding trust and belief in customer. HairVN becomes the big brand and the prestige address for all customers give opportunities. Nowaday, our hair can be known to international market.

The friendly website for all readers

Beside the big factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and large showroom in Thailand, we have built a website for all customers can easy find information. The internet brings the convenient and fast order even you are anywhere. With the friendly display of main website and a showcase on Alibaba.com,  all of you can surf internet and find useful information of hair type, price, address and hair care.

HairVN label for hair shipping

The enthusiastic consultant staff

Our consultant staff is always conscientious and responsible for answering all questions from you. Let feel free to contact us if you have any problems in hair sector.

Use direction of Full hair type

Hair care tips (choosing shampoo and conditioner)

After owning the hair you want, care hair is also important for all users. You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioners that contains herbal ingredients inside. Washing hair twice time a week is enough for the development of hair.

Combine fashion and hair style

A beautiful hair with attractive clothes will bring a new look for all women in the party, wedding or special occasion. Let take care yourself, care your hair to be lovely in someone’s eye.

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