Color Hair

Color hair make our life colorful

Today, the beauty industry is expanding and developing in Vietnam, along with that trend HairVN has been expanding production and commercial Vietnamese Remy color human hair extensions for all girls around the world. We guarantee that we only offer 100% human hair, do not supply synthetic hair and animal fur for you. For color hair, we supply all kinds of hair that interested customers include #1b, #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #20, #22, #24, #27, #30, #60, #613, #99j, red, etc. And we have a team of skilled workers who have full standard to produce color hairstyle extensions according to customer requirements.

Straight brown color hair extensions

Natural color hair in the world

Natural source of color hair in various countries

In the world, depending on the region, each country has different characteristics of nature color hair and natural hairstyle. With person of countries in Africa, their natural color hair usually have color black, brown with curly hair, people of countries in Asia is usually owning straight hair, long hair with brown color and black color. And with person of countries in Europe usually have light color hair such as blonde hair, platinum hair, brown hair, red hair, etc.

Vietnamese natural color hair

Vietnam is located in the tropical monsoon climate, near the equator, so Vietnam natural hair always have black color and light brown color. Quality of Vietnam natural hair is very strong, smooth, soft, long and shiny because Vietnamese women is quite focus on their hair, they know how to take care their hair, so that their hair is one of the best hair to dye color and Natural Vietnamese hair is the most used to produce many kind of color hair and hair extensions.

Table of color hair extensions

Technology make the color hair natural and affordable

Each company has a different strategy and production methods, hairVN is confidently one of the best hair color manufacturers in the hair market today. With natural source of hair with unique production methods, we ensure the quality of our hair products is very good, useful, bring many benefit for you.

          Process of making color hair

To create color hair, you have to go through two stages that are bleached and dyed color. Firsly, you must bleach natural your hair, there are 2 ways to bleach including bleached with acid and use bleaching powder with oxidation reduction. If you bleach your hair by acid, when you dye color, your hair will 100% up to color but your hair will be damage very much, it’s easily become tangle, shedding if you don’t care your hair carefully. Bleach with acid will erode the epidermis on the hair, making it easily dry and discolored. But use bleaching flour with oxidation reduction is less affect to your hair, your hair will soft, smooth and no shedding.

Usually, depending on the customer’s hair color, the manufacturer will bleach hair with different amounts of oxygen. Next, manufacturers often use hair-based oxygenates based on a general formula that are oxidize 3% (10 volum) using for steaming color, oxidize 6% (20 volum) using for cover color grey, oxidize 9% (30 volum) using for up to 2 – 3 level color tones, oxidize 12% (40 volum) using for up to 3 – 4 level color tones.

          Color hair extension by HairVN

HairVN use bleaching flour with oxidation reduction of Elgon firm in Australia in order to bleach and dye color for hair extensions. We usually use Elgon oxidize flour 12% (40 volumn) to bleach and dye color. Color hair extensions by HairVN is always safe for you, hair structure not destroy, up to good color hair tones like natural yours and mine hair, always smooth, strong and soft. Depend on customer requirement, We will apply different dye concentrations for hair. Do not worry, please try to own a color hair extensions of hairVN, you will feel the different clearly of our color hair extensions with other companies.

The length of color hair extensions

          Vietnamese hair is best hair to bleach and dying color

For making color hair, material of raw hair is set up to the top. Vietnam is one of countries owning raw hair quantity quite large in the world. Material of color hair extensions is Remy hair with high quality, all of color hair extensions of HairVN is 100% natural hair, perfectly human hair, no mix with synthetic hair and animal fur, it’s only cut from the Vietnamese ladies around Vietnam. You know, Vietnamese women always take care of their hair, they only use natural shampoos like locust, lemon, lemongrass leaves… for shampoo, they less use chemical shampoo products. Therefore, the hair color of Vietnam is always strong, sleek, light and up standard color tones.

Buy best color hair at best price from Vietnamese vendor

There are many Vietnamese vendor support color hair in the world, but HairVN is the best supplier in Vietnam for you. You know, quality, price and service are 3 factors that customers are the most interested. We – hairVN can perfectly supply full 3 this factors for you, our color hair is made with high quality by skilled workers, come to us, you will be experience all the best services with reasonable hair products price.

          The worries of buy dry and bad color hair from vendor

We know that, you like color hair but you do not want to dye your natural hair because your natural hair will dry, be damaged by toxic chemical, so that, come to hairVN, you can own a beauty color hair, long, smooth and shine. As you read above, we do not use acid to bleach, we use bleaching powder with oxidation reduction of Elgon firm in Australia. So that, our color hair extensions is very shiny, float and strong.

The best color #60 and color #613 in HairVN

          HairVN ensure and warranty hair quality

For quality of Vietnam color hair extensions, HairVN affirm that we provide all type of color hair with the highest quality for you. With a professional team, we assert that all the epidermis of the hair is almost unbroken, running in the same direction, always feeling smooth and no smell. All processes of produce color hair extensions is monitored and controlled quality by skilled workers.

          All color code we produce

For color hair extensions of HairVN, we support most of color hair extensions that customer have taken care of including #1b, #1, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #20, #22, #24, #27, #30, #60, #613, red, pink, etc. Moreover, we will supply all of color hair extensions following to requirements of customers.

          Produce color hair based on the color code or sample which customer provided

We have a professional staff specializing in collection and sorting of hair, for color hair, we only select Vietnamese Remy hair having high quality, very strong to dye color. Because if you use Remy hair with low quality, this remy hair is very weak, can not up to color tones as you want, when you dye color, maximum color is color #2, color #3 tones. But if you choice color hair of hairVN, our maximum color after dying hair is color #8, because we use Remy hair with high quality so our hair is easily bleach and dye into many color tones lighter compared with other companies. Being a loyal customer of color hair, color hair of HairVN is smart choice for you, you can explore and experience many different color hair extensions that you require with the best quality, let try owning it immediately, you will become more personality and sexier in your crush eyes.

Producing color hair in HairVN

          Online system support worldwide nonsleep 24/7

HairVN is considered one of the largest hair suppliers in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country with abundant human resources, young, dynamic. To capture this advantage, HairVN has built and trained a team of skilled workers, dynamic and always creative in their work. We have a team of dedicated service, always ready to answer any questions of customers 24/7. So that, if you have any questions related to our products or want order any our products, please contact with us. We are very happy to serve you!

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