Clip in hair

Vietnamese clip in remy hair extensions is very smooth, strong and useful for women who own the thin hair, weak hair, need covering the disadvantage in their hair. So that, with the development of beauty technology industry, Clip in hair extensions of HairVN bring many benefit about quality and price for you. We ensure supporting clip in hair products with high quality like your request and perfectly service for you. We have a team enthusiasm and dynamic, they can answer any your questions and counseling enthusiastically about all kind of our hair extensions for you.

Straight clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair and the usage

Hair extensions has many kind of hairstyles including tip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, closure hair extensions, etc. But clip in hair extensions is the most popular in hair market. Clip in hair is the smart choice for the girl who have any disadvantage in their hair.

What is clip in hair

Clip in hair is Remy hair that is sewn into a strip in top hair, after that it will be cliped in and connected with your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions is easy to use and make style, less damage your natural hair.

Clip in hair extensions of HairVN

Process of making the clip in hair

To making the clip in hair, firstly we must be classified quality of Remy hair into single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair, fullest hair. Super double drawn hair and fullest hair is two types of hair that usually used to create clip in hair. Before clip in hair extensions, manufacture will conduct steamed and nourished hair for hair to clip in will more smooth, softer and shiner. Then, you have to sew beginning from the top of hair to create a piece like weft hair, put the weft clip on the hair. The front of the clip must be faced to you, if clip is convex on the hair meaning you set right. After that, lay the small comb on the hair, cut a long thread, positioning each side of the comb. You must sewn each side of the hair yarn into the horizontal clamp. Tighten the thread to the horizontal clip when you are finished.

How to use the clip in hair

After you own a clip in hair extensions from our company, you can clip it at home or go the salon to clip it with your natural hair. You have to position the hair you want to connect, then use the clamp to clip it with your natural hair. Clip in hair is easily connect and disassembly, helping you can actively create different hairstyles for your hair without being affected by chemicals. One special thing, you can reuse many times, its longevity lasted a long time maybe over one year.

Clip in color hair extensions

Clip in hair vs the weft/weaving hair

The customers of each type

Clip in hair is smart choice for the girls who own the thin hair, weak hair or want to change themselves, their personality and their hairstyle. If you are professional reseller, prestige salon where having many customers who own the thin hair, want clip in to their hair richer, clip in hair of HairVN is the top choice for you. We have many type of clip in with different colors, this will help you to have many selections about clip in hairstyle to match with your face.

The customer of weft hair extensions is a little different compared with clip in hair. Usually, they are the girl having less hair, too short hair or bald head. For the girl lazy change their hair, they can mix between closure hair extensions and weaving hair to create the beauty wig hair. For weft hair, reseller and salon are the most two potential customers object in HairVN, so that, please trust and choose us, we will never make you disappointed in quality, price as well as our service.

Beauty clip in hair extensions

 The good points of each types

Clip in of Hairvn is less damages for your hair because most clip in hair extensions is not concern to chemical, toxic, without using temperature to clip in for your hair like tape in hair, color hair. On average, it depends on how to care hair and using level frequently of user, it is often last from 6 months to 1 year or sometime it lasts more a long time. Therefore, you should care your hair regularly when you clip in hair so you can owning a more beautiful hair, smoother and stronger.

Weft in hair is also quite good and useful for you. It’s unprocessed, without chemical, no tangle, no shedding, easily to mix with other hair extension types to create a more beautiful hairstyle for you. It is the savior of women who have too short hairs, too many shortcomings on their hair and on their faces. It is usually lasting long over 1 year if you know how to care your hair well.

Select the most suitable for you

To select the hair the most suitable for you, you must choose clip in hair made 100% human hair extensions, unprocessed, no lice, nits, sections, always smooth and shine. HairVN is company that can support for you this hair type. Today, hairVN are created many different clip in hairstyle such as curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, this helps your hair richer and cover disadvantages in your face. Besides, with the personality girls, combination of hair styles with a variety of hair color will help you look more luxurious, personality and sexier.

How to buy Clip in hair with factory price

Why should you buy from Vietnam supplier

You know, with HairVN quality is one of main purpose in business operations of company. Clip in hair extensions can withstand and survive today is largely thanks to the quality of the product. All steps to create a clip in hair extensions must undergo strict supervision of highly qualified workers, it is hand-sewn by skilled and skillful workers. As one of the leading hair manufacturers in Vietnam, we insist on always supply clip in human hair extensions according to customer’s requirements, say no to toxic chemicals, no tangle, no shedding, this hair is always soft, smooth, strong and shine.

Producing clip in hair extensions in HairVN

Years of experiences to develop the best clip in hair

With many years of business in the hair field, we are always receive many positive feedback from foreign organizations and customers and we also receive the certificates of international organizations. This is the springboard to give us more motivation to produce and distribute more quality hair products, attracting more potential customers. We are always listen to customer feedback, learning and creative, inherit and promote in order to create many kind of clip in hair extensions with better quality, more useful for customer.

Customers services and our core value (Satisfaction of customers is best factor)

Value that we bring for you is service and a good price. You know, clip in hair is quite popular in the world, besides the quality of products put on top, we always focus on our customer care service for you. HairVN constantly strives to train human resources with high quality, knowledgeable about all kinds of clip in human hair extensions, all staffs is always open, enthusiastic, ready to help customers 24/24. We are wholesaler having sales experience for several years, we can be guaranteed reasonable price of all hair extensions products for you. We always keep the factory prices for the factory partners, resellers, salon, etc and the lowest retail prices for other customers.

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